Rummy Nabob 666, 555 Apk Download: Get ₹55 Bonus

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Rummy Nabob is an application through which you can earn money by immersing yourself in online betting games. Participating and winning online games is not the only way through which you can earn money. Other methods through which you can earn are the refer and earn system and the bonuses that this game provides can also allow you to fetch money.

rummy nabob apk download

The refer and earn system allows you to earn money by sharing the link with others. The bonuses that this game provides include daily bonuses, which are accessible to everyone. There is a VIP bonus, but it is not accessible to everyone. You can only access it after you pay a certain amount. This allows you to earn weekly, and monthly bonuses.

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The currency of this game is called chips. The chips in your account are equal in value to INR. Rummy Nabob has a lot of features like live support, which is active 24 hours and all days of the week. It also has a Safe feature, wherein you can store the money you do not wish to withdraw from your account.

App NameRummy Nabob
Apk Size44 MB
Refer and Earn100
Official websiteRummyNabob.Tech
Download Rummy NabobClick here

Rummy Nabob App Description

The Rummy Nabob application is an online multiplayer game, where you compete against players from across the world. You can play this game from anywhere in the world, and at any time.

This game was developed to be played on Android, and IOS, and is not meant to be played on P.C. Although you can play it on PC using android emulators like BlueStacks. There are several other android emulators, but BlueStacks is the most popular emulator.

This game does not require you to be on high internet speeds. It can even work on a slow internet connection. Playing Rummy Nabob with a slow internet connection does not ruin your chances even if you are playing against players who have higher internet speeds. This game is available to play in several languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, and Bengali.

Download and Install Rummy Nabob Apk

rummy nabob download

You can install Rummy Nabob by using the website known as get rummy. Rummy Nabob cannot be accessed on the play store or app store. By typing in get rummy on your chrome browser or any other browser, you will be able to find the website on the first search result.

Once you open the website, you will have to search for the name of Rummy Nabob on the search bar. There will be a download icon, you have to tap on the download icon and Rummy Nabob will be downloaded. Once Rummy Nabob has been downloaded, you can install Rummy Nabob by going to your downloads folder and tapping on the downloaded app. Rummy Nabob will be installed on your device in a few minutes regardless of the speed of your connection as the application only occupies little space on your device.

Rummy Nabob Registration

You can either play Rummy Nabob as a guest or you can log in using your phone number. Once you provide your phone number, you will have to verify your phone number using the OTP. The login process only requires you to provide and verify your number. Once you complete this process, you are also awarded a login bonus.

After you have logged in to Rummy Nabob, you can change your name and your profile picture. You are also provided with a login Id. Login Id will allow you to share Rummy Nabob with others, thus allowing you to take advantage of the refer and earn system.

  • Step 1- Download the Rummy Nabob App.
  • Step 2- Install the app on your phone.
  • Step 3- Bind your mobile number and password.
  • Step 4- Get ₹41 bonus.

How to Refer and Earn Money

There is an option to refer and earn in Rummy Nabob, which can be accessed on the app’s menu. It is accessed on the menu with the share icon in the menu. When you open the share icon, the refer and earn pop-up will be displayed on your screen.

In the refer and earn pop-up, there is an option of copying the link to Rummy Nabob. You can copy the link and share it with your friends on any social media platform including WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other social media platform. You are awarded chips not only when players install Rummy Nabob using your link, but also they are provided a commission from their earnings if they play Rummy Nabob regularly.

Earning money with the Refer and Earn program of this app is possible. You can earn unlimited real cash by inviting your friends and family members. The money from your friends can be withdrawn to your bank account. You can withdraw money that you earn as referral commission.

Rummy Nabob VIP

The VIP bonus allows you to earn weekly, monthly, and level bonuses. In order to attain VIP levels, you have to pay 500 chips to enter the first level of VIP bonus. The higher your VIP level, the more you will be able to earn from the weekly, and monthly bonuses. There is one more advantage to this system.

So, each time you upgrade to a new level, you are awarded a bonus, This is known as the level bonus. You can also achieve VIP status as a beginner, by adding money from your bank account to Rummy Nabob. Although five hundred chips might sound expensive, it is an investment that will fetch you high returns in the future, when you withdraw chips from your account.

There are various levels in the VIP system of the Rummy Nabob app. Each level will increase the bonuses that you are able to claim as part of the VIP privileges program. Higher VIP level means higher bonus.

How Do I Add Money in Rummy Nabob Apk

rummy nabob add cash

To add money to Rummy Nabob, you have to tap on the Play icon on the menu of Rummy Nabob. Once you select the Pay option, you will be taken to the shop menu, which showcases the minimum and maximum amount you can add to Rummy Nabob.

The minimum amount you can deposit is Rs.11, and the maximum deposit you can deposit is Rs. 100,000.

You can add chips using UPI like Gpay, PhonePe, or Paytm. You have to tap on the add chips icon in the shop’s menu, and you will be taken to UPI payment methods on the browser. From there, you can add money to your game account from any of the aforementioned methods.

In the Rummy Nabob app it is very beneficial to add money into the account. The steps to add money are very easy to follow and even if this if you first time using the app you will be able to figure out the steps on your own. The money that can be added into the app can be selected from the Add Cash page.

The minimum amount that you can add is ₹10 and the maximum amount is ₹20000. The higher amount you deposit the more bonus you will get. The best thing about the app is that you can use the bonus in the games.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Rummy Nabob

  • Step 1: In order to withdraw money from the application, you have to tap on the withdraw icon on the menu of the app.
  • Step 2: Once you open the icon, a Withdraw pop-up will appear on the screen.
  • Step 3: In the pop-up displayed, you can either transfer the money to your bank account, by entering your bank account details.
  • Step 4: You can also transfer the chips to your UPI account, by entering your UPI address and your user name.

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