Teen Patti Gold Apk- Get ₹195 Bonus

TeenPatti Gold is an online application designed for people who show a genuine interest in betting games and would like to capitalize on this skill for earning money. The currency of the game is INR. You start the game with a Rs 15 bonus. You can only enter the game after you provide your number and verify it with an OTP.

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There are mainly three ways through which you can earn money in this game. The first way is by winning as many betting games as possible. The second way is the refer and earn system, in which you earn monetary rewards every time you refer a new friend to the game. The final way is to earn through bonuses like VIP bonuses levels.

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You would be able to attain weekly, monthly, and level bonuses after you obtain the VIP pass. The VIP pass has 20 levels, The higher level you have, the more amount you will receive from the bonus. There are also daily rewards, in which you are awarded coins every day for opening the game. You can also spinning a jackpot wheel and having an opportunity to win as high as Rs. 500 for just spinning the wheel.

Teen Patti Gold App Description

App NameTeen Patti Gold
APk Size57 mb
Apk versionlatest
APK Available onGoldTeenPatti.in
Teen Patti Gold APK DownloadDownload

Teen Patti Gold is an Indian version of betting games that are popular across the world. It is an online game, in which players from around the world compete for winning better prizes. It is available in both Hindi and English.

You can even play the game with your friends. The application has a variety of games, including different forms of Rummy, Roulette, and even new games like Crash. You can play this game from anywhere, even while traveling because it even works on low internet connection. Even if you only have a 2G internet connection, you can still play the game. The game will work efficiently even in those low speeds.

Teen Patti Gold Apk Download and Installation

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TeenPatti Gold cannot be installed from the play store for android and the app store. It can be downloaded and installed from any browser. You have to open any browser you have be it chrome or firefox.

Once you open the browser, type in TeenPatti Gold. You have to click on the first search result that appears after you enter the name of the app. After clicking on the first search result, a page will appear with the download icon.

You have to click on the download icon and the game will download within a few minutes depending on your internet speed. You can install the game once it has been downloaded. You will have to turn off play protect from your device so that it allows you to install applications from third-party sources.

Teen Patti Gold Sign-Up Process

teen patti gold apk download

This application does not allow you to play in a guest mode. When you enter the application, you will have to provide you phone number and verify your number with an OTP. Once this process has been completed, you are successfully signed in to the game.

After you sign in to the game, you are provided with an Id number, random alpha-numeric name and a profile picture. You can change your profile picture and your name. There are different avatars of varying faces that you can choose from to be your avatar.

Teen Patti Gold: How to Refer and Earn

In order to refer and earn from this game, you have to click on the refer and earn icon in the menu screen. Once you click on the icon, the refer and earn screen is displayed.

In that screen, there are three steps that you have to undergo in order to earn cash. The first step is inviting your friends to this game through the link that is provided to you on this refer and earn screen of the game. You can share this link on WhatsApp, Facebook, and even on Youtube if you are a content creator. In the second step, you receive 20 Rs for every friend that will sign up. In the last step, you are also eligible to earn 30% of friends recharge.

To elaborate, you will receive Rs. 20 every time a new friend download, installs the game from your referral link. You are also subject to receiving 30% commission from the recharge your friends undertake in the game. The refer and earn method can come in handy to earn quick money without any risk of losing your money in the process.

Teen Patti Gold Add Money

In the menu of the game, there is a small icon that displays your amount in the game. Beside that icon is the add option, where you can add money to your account. The money can added through UPI.

This application gives you an additional Rs 300 if you deposit Rs 500 in your account. So, you essentially get a free Rs. 300, which is added to your account on top of the 500 that you deposit into the account. The UPI system is convenient as opposed to transferring money to your bank account as it takes only a few seconds to transfer through UPI, while it may take around a couple of hours for the money to be added to your account in the application.

Teen Patti Gold Withdraw Money

In order to withdraw money from the game, there is a withdraw icon in the menu of the game. However, there’s a condition for you to be able to withdraw from your account in the game. The condition is that you will have to deposit Rs.100 to become a premium players.

Once you become a premium player, you will be able to withdraw as much money from your account as you wish. You can withdraw money after you provide your bank details, IFSC code, name of the bank, account number and enter your pin to complete the withdrawal from the game.

Teen Patti Gold APK FAQs

Teen Patti Gold APK Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The lowest amount that can be withdrawn from Teen Patti Gold is ₹200.

How many times can I withdraw from Teen Patti Gold in a day?

You can withdraw up to 5 times every day.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount in TP Gold?


What is the maximum amount I can win in Teen Patti Gold?

That depends on the amount you bet. The more money you bet the more money you will win.

Do I have to submit a PAN card for withdrawals?

No, you don’t have to submit any documents for KYC.

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