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Tycoon Club Rummy, Tycoon Club Apk- So far we have come to know about many card game apps, from which you can earn money sitting at home, these card games are being made easier by day-to-day updates and new features are also added to them. Is being done, so that it can make more identity on the online platform.

tycoon club download

These days Tycoon Club is very much discussed in the list of favorite card games, which is known for its easy and simple designing.

Today we will know the details about the Tycoon Club card app so that all of you can know about the main topic related to them.

  • How to download Tycoon Club?
  • What is Tycoon Club?
  • What are the best features of Tycoon Club?
  • How to login to Tycoon Club app?
  • How to bind mobile number in Tycoon Club app?
  • How to deposit in Tycoon Club app?
  • How to earn money from Tycoon Club app?
  • What is share in Tycoon Club app?
  • What is the referral code in Tycoon Club?
  • How to earn money in Tycoon Club by referral code?
  • How to do Tycoon Club Withdrawal?
  • What is the minimum withdrawal in Tycoon Club?
  • What games are there in Tycoon Club?

How to Download Tycoon Club Apk?

Tycoon Club app itself is known as a great card app that you can easily download by going to play store or google.

App NameTycoon Club Rummy
Sign up Bonus₹41
Refer and EarnCommission up to 15%
Tycoon Club Apk DownloadClick here

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What is Tycoon Club?

Tycoon Club is a type of card game app, which today people are earning money sitting at home by playing online platform, to play this game, the setting arrangement of the card should come, which you can easily sit at home in any you tube video. can be learned by

What are the Best Features of Tycoon Club?

Tycoon Club app is the favorite app of the people in card games on the online platform for its best features.

Their best features are as follows-

  • Simple and attractive graphic designing
  • Best customer support system
  • Attractive referral earning opportunity
  • User-friendly and easy withdrawal facility
  • Great cash back facility

How to log in to Tycoon Club app?

You can easily login by completing the login process in the simple and attractive interface of Tycoon Club.

There are mainly 2 ways of login –

  • Login by mobile number login through
  • Facebook or Google login

Login with Mobile Number

Tycoon Club में login का पहला तरीका आप mobile number डालकर send OTP करके अपने Mobile में OTP pin आने पर उसे fill करके login button पर click करके इस app में enter कर सकते है।

Login through Facebook or Google

Tycoon Club app में login का दूसरा तरीका में आप facebook या google icon पर click करके अपना google account या Facebook account का इस्तेमाल से login कर सकते है।

For this you click on Google or Facebook, as soon as you click, you will be entered into the home screen of the automatic game i.e. you will be logged in.

In this way, in these two ways, you can easily login to the Tycoon Club app and start the game.

How to Bind Mobile Number in Tycoon Club app?

You can get some amount as a bonus by logging into the game and binding mobile in the Tycoon Club app, so that you can use that bonus to play the game by selecting the game according to you.

The following steps to bind mobile in Tycoon Club app are given

  • Tycoon Club App को open करे
  • Open करते ही होम पेज पर mobile icon ऊपर को click करे
  • Click करने पर mobile number डाले
  • Number fill करके send OTP पर क्लिक करे
  • Mobile Number पर app की तरफ से भेजी OTP को copy करके game में OTP में fill करे
  • OTP fill करके binding button पर click करके mobile binding process पूरा कर ले।

How to Deposit in Tycoon Club app?

tycoon club deposit

After downloading the Tycoon Club app, you can get some amount as a bonus by depositing.

By depositing you can start playing your favorite game in this app and earn money by winning.

The process of depositing in the game-

  • Deposit करने के लिए आप होमपेज पर राशि या bonus जहाँ शो होगा वह क्लिक करे या नीचे में wallet पर क्लिक करे
  • क्लिक करते ही add cash के option का page open होगा
  • पसंद की राशि का चयन करके add cash पर क्लिक करे
  • Add cash पर क्लिक करके payment method select कर payment करके deposit कर ले।

On depositing the different amounts, you will also get different bonuses which you can use to play that card game further.

CashCashbackTotal cash

Thus you can easily deposit as per your wish and get a better bonus amount or as cash back can.

How to Earn Money from Tycoon Club App?

tycoon club apk download

There are two ways to earn money from Tycoon Club app

  • Play and earn (earning by playing)
  • Refer and earn (earning by referring)

Play and earn (earning by playing)

Playing games on an online platform has become a very easy way today. , by which people win by playing such card games and earn money as a bonus.

The process of earning by playing is given below –

  • गेम में login करना
  • Login करके mobile bind करे व bonus प्राप्त करे
  • Cash back bonus प्राप्त करने के लिए Wallet में जाए या Home Page पर राशि जहां दिखाई दे वहाँ क्लिक करे
  • Open हुए page में add cash पर क्लिक करके अपने अनुसार पसंद के amount का deposit करने के लिए amount select करे
  • Deposit करके अपने पसंद के गेम चुने
  • गेम को खेले जीते व bonus earn करे

Refer and earn (earning by referring)

Refer and earn card is a famous way of game. Through this you can earn by inviting friends.

Refer and earn process has been told to you in the details below.

What is “share” in Tycoon Club app? / What is Referral code in Tycoon Club? How to earn money by Referral code in Tycoon Club?

refer and earn money

A code that is copied and added to this game by inviting friends or other people to this game and earning as a bonus when the invited friends come to the game and play the game, that code is called a referral code. Is.

The code sent to invite friends and other people to any game is called a referral code.

A referral code is a great way to earn in Tycoon Club, through which you can get a bonus by sending an invitation.

The following are the terms of earning by referral code or referral link –

  • Home screen पर मौजूद Share icon पर click करे
  • Click करने पर open हुए पेज में नीचे को referral code copy पर क्लिक करे
  • Code को copy कर आप WhatsApp Facebook, Telegram व अन्य social sites द्वारा भेजे
  • Friends आपके code पर enter करेगा
  • Friends द्वारा add cash करने व game को खेलने पर बोनस के तौर पर earning प्राप्त करे।

Levels have been distributed for referral earning in Tycoon Club, in which the more friends you invite, accordingly you will get a bonus of high level.

LevelReferral numberDeposit bonusGame bonus

% In different level, you can earn good earning by getting a maximum bonus as well.

How to do Tycoon Club Withdrawal?

withdraw money from tycoon club apk

You can easily withdraw the earnings by winning the game in Tycoon Club, for which you are withdrawn by filling your bank details like account number, IFSC code, account holder name etc.

  • Home page के wallet icon पर click करे
  • Open हुए page में winning amount के नीचे withdraw पर click करे
  • Click करते ही withdraw amount, bank account fill करे
  • Details fill करके withdraw button पर क्लिक करके withdraw पूरा कर ले

From the Tycoon Club app, through its simple and easy facility, you can earn by sitting at home, playing card games of your mind and sending referral codes.

By using your logical thinking and card game skills, you can earn well from this online platform.

Tycoon Club FAQ

What is the Massage option in the Tycoon Club app?

In the Tycoon Club app, you can easily get new updates related to the game, any information related to withdrawal and any information related to the game.

These messages are of two types –

  • Public (Common information which is for everyone)
  • Private(Specific information which can be related to your game and account).

What is the sign up bonus in Tycoon Club?

Sign up bonus at Tycoon Club is Rs 15.

What is the minimum withdrawal in Tycoon Club?

The minimum withdrawal in Tycoon Club is Rs 200.

Where is the customer support in Tycoon Club?

For customer support in Tycoon Club, go to the more option on the home page, in that by going to the customer service option, you can get help by going to the box according to your problem.

How many times can I withdraw in a day in Tycoon Club?

You can withdraw 4 times in a day in Tycoon Club.

Which amount is not withdrawn in Tycoon Club?

The amount deposited in Tycoon Club cannot be withdrawn, it can only be used to play the game.

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