666E Rummy Game APK Download | ₹52 Bonus | ₹100 Withdraw

Rummy 666 APK- Starting from now we are going to review in depth this app. I have been using this application for very long time and I am one of the best people to tell you about the app in detail. this rummy application is free to download although not available on the Google Play store. it is still a great rummy application if your goal is to play games and earn money. But Rummy is not the only card game that you can play on this app there are many other card games such as Teen Patti, Poker and blackjack. 

rummy 666 apk download

Anybody who is able to download this application can earn money with their skills in games that are very popular in India. Although when it comes to games Dragon vs Tiger is the only game that I played in 666E Rummy application because it is the easiest to learn. 

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Rummy 666 APK Download is also great when it comes to referral income. The users who are willing to invite a number of players to the app can earn an unlimited amount of commission. And what makes it all worth it is the fact that you a withdraw your referral commission.

Rummy 666 E App

Rummy 666 Entertainment is an Android app to make money online by only playing games. You can play any game you want provided that you have downloaded the resources for the game beforehand.

Almost every game that you find in 666 Rummy is card based. There are a few exceptions such as Ludo and 7 up down.

Every game has its own minimum entry fee and it usually starts from ₹10.

666E Rummy APK Withdrawal History

Friends, as I said before that I have been using the Rummy 666 app for a long time. And because of that, I have withdrawn money from this app multiple times. You can see my withdrawal history below:

Note: Most of my income was from referring friends and commissions.

You also have the chance to make money by inviting friends and you can start making money right now.

How to Sign up and Use the Rummy 666 APK

While it is true that the user interface of the app is quite easy to navigate through the app but it can be a little difficult if you are using the app. By downloading the app you can get to use the app on you mobile device and even on a computer. 666 Rummy app can be downloaded on mobile devices only.

It is very easy to fill out the sign-up form on the Rummy 666 app, and it will be over before you know it. Due to the fact that the app only requires your mobile number and OTP for verification. As soon as that is done, your mobile number will be automatically linked to your guest account, and you will receive the bonus amount instantly.

According to my previous statement, the bonus amount is ₹52. There is no waiting period before it can be used in any of the games.

How to Refer and Earn Money in Rummy 666E App

The referring process does not take a long time to understand. Because you will be able to get the bonus amount as soon as you sign up and the referral link will be assigned to your account as well. The referral link is unique and will contain your game id and channel code. These two codes are what makes a referral link unique.

By sharing the referral link with your friends and family, you will be able to invite them to download the app from your link.

You can get up to ₹100 when they recharge their account and 30% commission on their games.

You will also earn weekly bonus that is given to agents when their total weekly referral commission was more than ₹1000.

For the weekly bonus to be visible you will have to become a VIP member.

Rummy 666 Withdrawal Process

To withdraw money from this application you can withdraw money via IMPS and UPI.

The minimum withdrawal amount has been set at ₹100.

The maximum withdrawal amount is ₹20000.

You can withdraw multiple times in 24 hours, and you will get your money into your bank account within 24 hours. But on some occasions, it can take up to 7 days.

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