Happy Teen Patti APK-₹1250 Bonus on Sign up

Happy Teen Patti, Teen Patti Happy Apk Download- Happy Teen Patti is one of the most used teen patti apps in India. That has happened in spite of the fact that the sign up bonus in the Happy Teen Patti app is actually less than most teen patti apps. If you read new posts on AllNewRummyApp.com then you know that the app that I recently wrote an article on is Rummy A1 which is offering ₹15 bonus.

The bonus amount that the Happy Teen Patti offers on sign up is more than that app and is qual to ₹20. Out of this amount ₹10 will be added as real cash ₹10 will be added to your account as bonus cash. The bonus amount is used as some percentage in games.

So although there are restrictions in the usage of the bonus amount you can still use the other amount like deposit balance without any restrictions. But I know that the amount is low. If you are looking for rummy apps with ₹51 bonus then I have a post on AllNewRummyApp for you.

The Happy Teen Patti app also has many new offers based on the festivals. For example; for Diwali there are special deposit offers and a Diwali spin.

Teen Patti Happy APK Download

App NameHappy Teen Patti
Refer and Earnup to 30% commission
Minimum withdraw₹100
Daily withdrawal limit₹15000
Happy Teen Patti Apk DownloadClick here

Happy Teen Patti Diwali Offer

There are multiple offers in the Happy Teen Patti app that has specially been launched for the Diwali.

Diwali Spin:

With the diwali spin you can win up to ₹1365 each spin. For each spin ₹50 will be deducted.

Diwali Pray:

This is a simpler offer and does not need any fee for participation. You can participate in this offer and win free rewards. To participate in Diwali Pray click on the Diwali Pray icon and then click on Pray Once.

Teen Patti Happy Games List

The Games in the Happy Teen Patti APK are very easy to play if you know the rules. The rules for every game has been mentioned in each game. That way you will get the required information before you play the game.

The games in the Happy Teen Patti app are popular so if you search for the game on YouTube you will be able to find out tutorials for the game.

  1. Crash
  2. Rummy
  3. Teen Patti
  4. 7 up 7 down
  5. car rulette
  6. fruit party
  7. call break
  8. andar bahar
  9. jhandi munda
  10. baccarat 3 patti
  11. dragn vs tiger
  12. ludo
  13. wingo lottery
  14. baccarat ab
  15. baccarat
  16. video poker
  17. horse racing

How to Add Cash i Happy Teen Patti

  1. Click on Add Cash.
  2. Select the add cash amount from the given options.
  3. Now click on Add Cash again.
  4. Then proceed to select your payment method and add the money.

You can add a minimum of ₹100 and a maximum of ₹10000.

How to Refer and Earn in Happy Teen Patti?

  1. Start the game and click on Refer & Earn link.
  2. Then while you are in the Rules tab of the Refer and earn pop up click the send button.
  3. Select the app such as Telegram, WhatsApp, etc to share your referral link.
  4. You will earn a commission when your friends start playing games.

The details about the refer and earn commission is given below:

happy teen patti friend tax

How to Withdraw Money From Happy Teen Patti

  1. To withdraw money from the Happy Teen Patti app you need to tap on “wallet”.
  2. Then click on Withdraw.
  3. Select the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Then enter your bank account details and save.
  5. Now click on confirm to submit the withdrawal request.

How to Play Ludo on Happy Teen Patti with Friends.

So there is a Buddy Room option in the app that allows you to play ludo and rummy with a friend. You can join or create your own room and share the room code with your friend and he can join the room by entering the code.

  1. Open the app and click on New below the Buddy Room banner.
  2. Now select the game Ludo or Rummy.
  3. Select the entry fee and other details depending on the game you selected and click on Create.
  4. Now you will see the room number.
  5. Share the room number with your friends and they can join by choosing the join button on the home page of the app and entering the oom number you shared.

How to Change Profile Name in Happy Teen Patti?

WHen you sign up in the Hapy Teen Patti app you will be given a random name, so if you want to change it you can follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Now click on the pen icon next to your profile name.
  3. Then enter the name that you want to set.

How to Check Referral Stats?

In The Happy Teen Patti app there is a section called Agent System, there you can see all the details about your referrals and how much you have earned from them.

Now only that, you can also check rankings of agents.

  1. Start the app and click on Profile Image.
  2. Then click on Agent System.
  3. Now you can see all the details.

How to Play Dragon vs Tiger in Happy Teen Patti?

  1. Open the app and select the Dragon vs Tiger game.
  2. Now wait for the game to start.
  3. After the game starts you can start betting on Dragon, Tiger or Tie.
  4. Wai for the results that will appear after 10 seconds

Happy Teen Patti App FAQs

What is the sign-up bonus amount in Happy Teen Patti?


Can I log in with Facebook in Happy Teen Patti?

No, you can only log in with your mobile number.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount in Happy Teen Patti?


Can I withdraw money from Happy Teen Patti?

You can only withdraw money to your bank account via IMPS.

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