Rummy 000 Apk Download- Get ₹55 Bonus

Rummy 000 Apk Introduction

Rummy 000 is an online betting application through which you stand a chance of earning huge sums of cash, provided that you win lots of games within the app and participate in bonuses. The currency of the game is INR only.

This game has a lot of benefits that it offers to the players. One advantage is that it has a simple support system user interface. So, if you face any problems in the game, you just have to tap on the support icon in the menu of the game and a small pop-up will appear on your screen. In that pop-up, you can type in any problem you have and the response will come as soon as possible.

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Lastly, another advantage is the bonuses that this game provides to you. One bonus is the daily bonus you claim for logging in every day. The daily bonuses do not remain the same. It increases from Rs 1 for the first day, to Rs 7 for the last day of the week. One more bonus that you are provided is the login bonus.

Rummy 000 App Description

App nameRummy Gold 4
Sign up Bonus₹55
Apk Size22.05 MB
Apk VersionLatest
Official WebsiteRummyAllApp.Com
Rummy 000 Apk DownloadClick here

Rummy 000 is an online application, where you play against players from not only India but around the world. As it is online, it requires an internet connection. The speed of the connection does not matter.

This is because the application runs quickly even on slow internet speeds. This application is available in only English. This has been done to cater to the international audience.

The application has mainly two types of games. The first type is the Poker category and the second type is the Casino category. Within these two categories, there is a lot of variety with games like Ludo and Poker War, which are rarely found in other applications.

Rummy 000 Apk Download and Installation Process

The download and installation process of the game is not straightforward. This is because you cannot install it from the play store for android users and the app store for IOS users. To download this app, you have to go to the get rummy website on your browser.

On the get rummy website, you have to search for Rummy 000 Apk. The torrent file for the game will appear. You have to tap on the download option and the app will start downloading. Once the application has been downloaded, you have to go to your downloads folder and search for the downloaded app.

After spotting the downloaded app, you have to tap on it and select the install option. Depending on your internet speed, the application will be installed on your device within 1-5 minutes.

How to Sign Up in Rummy 000 App

When you open the application after installation, there are two options. You can either play as a guest or you can complete your login process. Playing as a guest is not a viable option if you want to earn money from the game. This is because, at some point, you will have to complete your login process to withdraw money from your game account.

In the second option, you will have to provide your number and verify the number with an OTP. Once you finish verifying, you have successfully logged in to the game. You also get a login bonus of ten INR for logging in to the game. Once you are in the game, you can change your profile picture, and name.

How to Refer and Earn in Rummy 000

Refer and Earn system allows you to earn money from the game by sharing the link of the game with others. In this application, it is called Buddy and Earn. In order to access this option, you have to tap on the Buddy and Earn Option in the menu.

Once you select the Buddy and Earn Option, a pop-up is displayed on the screen. In this pop-up menu, there are four steps displayed through which you can earn from this system.

The first step is copying the link, the second is sharing the link with your friends on social media, and the third step is your friends actively playing and generating cash from the game, and in the fourth step, you are rewarded with coins.

Rummy 000 Add Money

In order to add money to your account, you have to click on the add cash option in the menu of the application. After you open the add cash icon, the add cash menu displays the minimum and maximum cash you can deposit into your game account, with a lot of values in between the maximum and minimum values.

The minimum value is Rs. 100, and the maximum value you can deposit into your account is Rs.9999. There are three options through which you can deposit. One payment method is PhonePe, the second payment method is Google Pay, and the third method is through the UPI application. All of these payment methods are relatively simple and the transaction occurs within only a few seconds. This is simple in comparison to transferring the money to the game through your bank account, which is a more tedious and slow process.

How to Withdraw Money in Rummy 000 Apk

In order to withdraw money from your account in the app, you have to select and open the withdraw option from the menu. Once you open the withdraw option, a withdraw menu appears on the screen,

In the withdrawal menu, the minimum amount that you can withdraw is R.100 and the maximum amount that can be withdrawn is Rs. 10,000. In order to withdraw, you have to provide your bank account details like your account number, name, IFSC code, Aadhar number, and email address associated with your bank account. However, there is a small catch. 5% of the withdrawal amount would be deducted and taken by the application as commission.

There are also icons of Withdrawal Record and Withdrawal Info. You have to fill in your bank account details in the Withdrawal Info pop-up. The Withdrawal Record pop-up will display records of all withdrawals that you have made on the application.

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