Rummy Gold Pro APK Download | ₹41 Bonus on Sign up

Rummy Gold Apk Download, Rummy Gold Pro Rummy App- Rummy Gold Pro is a new online multiplayer betting game, where you stand an opportunity to win big prizes and awards in monetary terms. Gold Rummy Plus has a huge roster of games that the players can play and earn money from Rummy Gold Real Cash. The collectibles in the app that are converted into money are called chips.

rummy gold pro apk download

Unlike other betting games, Rummy Gold Pro not only offers a lot of games that you can play, but it also has diversity in the types of games the smartphone application has for its users. For example, you can even earn chips in Ty Rummy from PUBG, a battle royale game that is different from the typical card games all of the betting apps have in their arsenal.

One advantage Rummy Gold Pro offers to its users as compared to its competition is the cashback system it has in place for its users. This cashback system compensates you each time you incur a loss of five hundred chips. The chips are transferred on the same day to your account.

New Rummy Apps:

App NameRummy Gold Pro
Sign up Bonus₹41
Rummy Gold Apk DownloadClick here
Launch MonthAugust

How to Download Rummy Gold Pro Apk

rummy gold plus apk download

You cannot download Rummy Gold 2 from the play store or app store. This rummy app can only be downloaded from its website. You also have to turn off the play protect settings in your smartphone so that it allows you to download applications from third-party websites.

Once you do these prior adjustments, you have to open any browser you have on your mobile. After you open chrome or firefox, you have to type the name of the app, “Rummy Gold Pro”, in the search bar.

rummy gold pro sign up

In the search results that are generated, you have to click on the first search result that appears on the screen as that would be the link to the website. Opening the first search result will lead you to the website.

On the website, there is a download icon. You have to click on that icon and Rummy Golds will start downloading on your device. Once it has finished downloading, bring down the notification bar, click on the download apk, and the installation process will begin.

Key Details About Rummy Gold Pro APK

rummy gold real cash games

This rummy app runs on the internet servers. So, you have to possess an internet connection to play the games. The app runs smoothly even on a low-speed internet connection, so you can even play games from your personal data on your mobile. This means that you can play the game even while traveling, in a queue, at a restaurant and anywhere you like.

A convenient feature of this app is that it also allows you to send and receive gifts from friends within the game. You can chat with your friends over text in game. You can also make new friends Rummy Gold 51 through this chat feature provided by the app.

Rummy Gold Plus also allows you to earn through other methods like bonuses, and the refer and win system. Games can be played in two languages, Hindi and English.

Rummy Gold Por Refer and Earn System

Rummy Gold Pro allows you to earn chips by referring your friends to Rummy Gold Pro. To refer friends to Rummy Gold Pro, you need to complete your own registration by providing your phone number, OTP verification, and setting your password. After you complete your registration, you become eligible to earn from the refer and earn system.

Through the refer and earn system, you earn chips through your friends’ registration but also through your friend’s earnings from Rummy Gold Pro. You receive chips each time you refer a new friend, and from each one of your friend’s chip collections.

How to Refer and Earn Money

In order to earn through the refer and earn system, you have to select the refer and earn option from the starting menu of Rummy Gold Pro. After you tap on the refer and earn icon, a refer and earn box appears on the screen.

In that box, there is an icon for sharing and copying the link. Once you copy the link, you can share it on any of the social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. After the friends download Rummy Gold Pro through your link, chips are automatically added to your account.

Once your friends start playing and earning Rummy Gold Pro, you also get a thirty percent commission from your friends, which you can observe from the My Bonus icon in the refer and earn box.

How to Become VIP in Rummy Gold Pro

In Rummy Gold Pro, there are VIP privileges that give you access to weekly, monthly, and level bonuses. There are twenty VIP levels. To reach the first VIP level, you need to deposit 500 chips in Rummy Gold Pro.

The higher your VIP level, the more weekly, and monthly bonuses you will receive every week and month. In order to access the VIP privileges option, you need to click on the small VIP icon at the top of the starting menu of Rummy Gold Pro.

Once you click on that icon, there will be an option of depositing 500 chips in the VIP privileges box that appears on the screen, Once you enter and deposit the 500 chips, you become eligible to receive weekly and monthly bonuses of Rummy Gold Pro.

How to Depositing Cash in Rummy Gold Pro APK

In order to deposit cash in Rummy Gold Pro, you have to click on the deposit icon at the bottom of the starting menu. After you click on that icon, a recharge menu is displayed on the screen.

Through this recharge menu, you can deposit cash in Rummy Gold Pro.

In order to deposit cash, you have to write the exact amount you would like to deposit in Rummy Gold Pro in the column provided in the recharge menu. Once you confirm your amount, Rummy Gold Pro will take you to an online portal, where you have to enter your credit card details to complete the payment.

You will always get a profitable return, regardless of the amount you deposit. For example, Rummy Gold Pro guarantees that you will receive a two percent return if you deposit 101 rupees to Rummy Gold Pro. This is a very convenient way for you to increase your chips in Rummy Gold Pro, provided that you do not like the other methods of earning chips in Rummy Gold Pro.

How to contact customer care of Rummy Gold Pro APK

In order to contact customer care, you have to tap on the support icon, present in the menu of Rummy Gold Pro. Once you click on that icon, you will be automatically taken to a chat service.

The chat service automatically answers any of your queries within a few minutes.

Some of the perks of this system are that it is active at all times of the day, be it the evening, night, or morning and all seven days of the week.

A significant advantage of this system is that it protects your privacy as you do not have to contact any person to resolve your queries, making the system safe for you in the long term. Also, you would not have to worry about your personal information being exploited by another person.

What is Safe and How to Use it

Rummy Gold Pro also provides a Safe, where you can store any of the chips you do not wish to withdraw. You can also take out these chips whenever you want and withdraw them at any time that you are in need of them.

In order to access the Safe, you have to tap on the Safe icon present in the starting menu of the screen, After you tap on that Icon, a Safe menu will appear on top of the main menu. In that Safe menu, there are two options, either you can save or take out your chips.

In the Save bar present in the Safe menu, you can write the exact amount you would like to save, and press the confirm button in the menu. In the Take Out bar present in the Safe menu, you can specify the amount you would like to withdraw and then press the confirm button.

This system is very convenient as you would not have to specify the amount you would like to withdraw, as the chips you do not wish to withdraw would already be present in the Safe provided by Rummy Gold Pro.

Redeeming Money From Rummy Gold Pro

In order to withdraw money from Rummy Gold Pro, you have to tap on the withdraw icon present in the main menu of Rummy Gold Pro. After tapping on the withdraw icon, a withdrawn menu appears on the screen, through which you withdraw money from Rummy Gold Pro.

There are two options. You can either withdraw the money by providing your bank account details like your username, IFSC code, the name of the bank, and bank account number or you can also provide your UPI address and username. Transferring your chips to UPI would be a more easier option as it responds quickly as opposed to your bank account.

After you go through this process, the money will be automatically added to your bank account within a few minutes. Also, you have to make sure that you have an active internet connection so that the transfer process goes smoothly and swiftly.

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