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Rummy Brave Apk Download, Rummy Trump Apk Download, New Rummy App 2022. Hello guys as you already know that the sole purpose of AllNewRummyApp.Com is to give you a place to find new rummy apps as soon as they are launched. So here I am back with the latest rummy app that is called Rummy Trump/Rummy Brave.

rummy trump

Rummy Trump is a rummy app that has been launched in India for users to earn money by playing the game of rummy.

It is a newly launched rummy application with a sign up bonus of ₹10. Guys, I know that the bonus is not as much you might have hoped for. But since most new rummy apps do need you to make a deposit before you can play, there isn’t much of a difference here with Rummy Trump Apk.

New Rummy Apps:

Download Rummy Trump Apk

Rummy Trump Alternate NamesRummy Trump, Rummy Brave
Rummy Trump APK Size32 MB
Download Rummy Trump APKDownload

Steps to be followed to download Rummy Trump:

  • Step 1- First thing that you need to do is click on the link above.
  • Step 2- Wait for the page to load after you click the link.
  • Step 3- Tap download button.

Rummy Trump Apk History

The history of rummy trump is that it has been launched by the company that operates the RMG Rummy Station Rummy App. Friend’s let me inform you that Rummy Station is an old company and only has games that have be deeper as games of skill by the Supreme Court of India.

You will enjoy playing rummy games on this app against real time opponents and can also join free tournaments if you are running low on cash.

Other than that there is not much information about this new rummy app as we have just witnessed its launched. We should have more information after some time, because by then a lot of users would have used the app and then they will be able to share their honest reviews.

If you are looking for an honest review this is the best place to find one because all my reviews are based on my personal opinion.

Rummy Trump Download & Registration Tutorial

rummy trump registration page

Here we have arrived at the tutorial that will help you register a new account with the Rummy Trump app in easy steps. I will also share with you actually how many ways you can register on the app such as Mobile, Facebook and Google. All the login and sign up methods are easy and will take less than 1 minutes.

  • 1- Open the app is the first step. the app should open immediately in your device my friend.
  • 2- Friend the next step requires that you pick a sign up method.
  • 3- Now follow the process and complete your account registration.

What Amount of Bonus Will I Get on Sign up in Rummy Trump?

The sign up bonus is ₹10 and there are no daily bonus rewards. However, there is an option for Rummy Gullak to collect your game cashback.

Rummy Trump Features

  • Best design व customization
  • User friendly setting
  • Easy व fast withdrawal facility
  • Login में Easy access facility

How to Earn Money in Rummy Trump App

rummy trump apk download

The purpose of the Rummy Trump app is to give you a way to earn money.

Ways to Earn Money:

  • Play Rummy on Rummy Trump
  • Refer users to rummy trump and earn commission.

Play Rummy and Earn Money

  • Open the app and click on Cash Games
  • Select a variant of the rummy game- points, rapid, pool and more
  • Now select the number of players you want to play with 2 or more.
  • Also, select the point value if you are going to play point rummy.
  • The point value that you select will also determine the entry fee for the game.
  • Now tap Play Now.
  • Wait for other players to join.

Refer Friends to Rummy Trump and Earn Money

This is risk free method of earning money in this app but requires more work.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click on Referral Bonus.
  3. Now copy and share your referral link.
  4. Share this copied referral link with your friends and ask them to download the app by clicking on your link.
  5. Bonus is awarded to both of you as they deposit money and play games.

What is the Process of Cash Withdrawal in Rummy Trump

The cash withdrawals in this rummy app require that you verify your account also known as KYC.

  1. Make sure you are on the home page of the app and tap your wallet icon in the app where you balance is shown.
  2. Here you need to click on Fill KYC Documents.
  3. This is where you will submit your documents for verification to complete your KYC.
  4. The first step in the KYC verification is mobile number and email id verification. After that other documents will be required.
  5. Once the KYC is done go back the page and click Withdraw.
  6. Now simply place the amount that you want to withdraw and withdraw your winnings.

What to Do Now?

Well, it is up to you. You can download the app and play the rummy game or ignore it it is up to you.

What if I Lose Money in This Rummy App?

If you lose money in this or any other rummy app listed on the AllNewRummyApp.Com website then you are the only one responsible. No one else is to blame, no matter how you lose the money. And if you are unable to withdraw your winnings from the rummy app then the app is to blame the one who added money into it and not anyone else.

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