Teen Patti Sky APK Download(New) | ₹100 Min. Withdraw

Teen Patti Sky APK- Teen Patti Sky is the latest rummy app that was launched in the last week of February 2023. The Teen Patti Sky app is a new teen patti app and you can get a free bonus after you complete the sign-up process. You can download the app on any Android device that is not older than 4 years.

teen patti sky apk

Teen Patti Sky app is free to download but that does not mean that the Teen Patti Sky app is free to play. This application requires that you add money in your game wallet. That means that playing real cash games on the Teen Patti Sky app is risky so you should play responsibly.

Teen Patti Sky app has a lot of games that you can play to win real cash. The games available in this app include Rummy, Teen Patti, Dragon vs Tiger, Ludo, and Poker. Other than the games I just mentioned there are about 15 more games. The games that are available in the app are simple to learn and play. And for new players, there is also rules and guide for each game that you can read before playing any game.

Teen Patti Sky APK Download

teen patti sky apk download

Teen Patti Sky app is download ready right now. You can go to the website and complete the download process ina matter of seconds. The apk file size is around 56 MB so the time that will take to download the complete apk file on your phone depends on your internet connection.

Ater you download the app you will have to install it manually. To install the app just open the application and wait for the package manager of your device to load the app. Once the app has been loaded click on Install button.

Note: You need to enable the relevant settings to install apk files.

Is Teen Patti Sky APK Safe?

The apk file is safe according to the default anti-virus software of my phone and Play Protect. Other than that I have not looked at the code, so you will have to trust the antivirus software of your device. We do not take any responsibility if the app causes any damage to your phone.

Teen Patti Sky Sign-up Process

  1. Download the Teen Patti Sky apk and install it.
  2. After the installation is complete, make sure that you scan the app with Play Protect or any other antivirus application.
  3. Then open the app and click on guest login.
  4. After that, you just have to sign up with your mobile number.
  5. Once the sign-up is complete you will get ₹5 bonus.

Teen Patti Sky Refer and Earn

Teen Patti Sky referral program is very easy to understand. You can share your referral link with anyone and when he downloads the app you will get free onus once he starts playing games. The referral commission in this teen patti app is 30%.

The referral bonus will be added to your account every day at midnight and it is withdrawable just like your game winnings.

You can share your referral link via any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. Other than the referral commission of 30% you also get extra bonuses like weekly bonus and progress bonus. These two bonuses are added to your account once week.

But the reward is not added to your account. Rather it will be available as a claimable bonus just like the referral bonus.

The weekly bonus and progress bonus is only reserved fo VIP users. So if you want those rewards you will have to become a VIP user of the 3 Patti Sky app.

How to Refer and Earn Money in Teen Patti Sky

  1. Open the app and create your account. This way you can get your unique referral link quickly.
  2. Then share the link with your friends, family, etc, and ask them to download the app through this link.
  3. They get bonus when they sign up after downloading the app and you will earn commission after they play games.

Teen Patti Sky Weekly Bonus

  1. Earn 1000 – 3000 & Get Weekly ₹500 Free
  2. Earn 1001 – 5000 & Get Weekly ₹1000 Free
  3. Earn 5001 – 8000 & Get Weekly ₹3000 Free
  4. Earn 8001 – 10000 & Get Weekly ₹6000 Free
  5. Earn 10001 – 15000 & Get Weekly ₹10000 Free
  6. Earn 15001 – 20000 & Get Weekly ₹15000 Free
  7. Earn 20001 – 30000 & Get Weekly ₹20000 Free
  8. Earn 30001 – 50000 & Get Weekly ₹30000 Free
  9. Earn 50001 – 80000 & Get Weekly ₹60000 Free
  10. Earn 80001 – 100000 & Get Weekly ₹100000 Free
  11. Earn 100001 – 999999999 & Get Weekly ₹200000 Free

List of Games in Teen Patti Sky App

The Teen Patti Sky app offers a great host of games that you can play and earn money. All the games are available within this one application. But the game resources have to be downloaded before you can play them. So you can only download the games that you want to play, that way your storage usage will also be less.

  1. Rummy
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Poker
  4. Ludo
  5. Dragon vs Tiger
  6. Jhandi Munda
  7. 7 Up Down
  8. Red vs Black
  9. Roulette
  10. Car Roulette
  11. Zoo Roulette
  12. and more.

How to Withdraw Money From Teen Patti Sky APK

  1. Start the application and wait for the app to load everything.
  2. Then navigate to the withdraw section.
  3. There you will have to enter your bank account details and save them. You won’t be able to change your account details once it has been saved.
  4. Now enter any amount that you want to withdraw.

Teen Patti Sky Withdrawal Rules

  • You can withdraw a minimum of ₹100 from the Rummy Sky APK application.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount has not been stated.
  • The withdrawal process can take up to 7 days to complete.
  • In case the withdrawal fails, the amount will be added back to your account.
  • You must not have any wagers if you want to withdraw money from Rummy Sky apk.

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